A bit about the Doctor and myself and Unexplained

The Doctor is a shape-shifting alien that has no gender.

The being comes from a race of highly intelligent people who have discovered the secret of Time Travel.

However, my belief is that in the future Time Travel could well be a reality.

A bit about me 

My name is Steve and I was born with a form of Autism and for many years felt very different from people around me.  That was until I latched onto the BBC Program Doctor Who and then I was hooked.

The Doctor likens to me found it difficult to understand the people of Earth and yet just like I had high intelligence.

The program also introduced me to computers and I was fascinated by the various concepts introduced in the program.

I also learned a great deal about the English language from the good Doctor as in every episode there was a word or phrase explained to the assistants,

This was a great obsession of mine due to being Autistic and lead on to a fascination with the Unexplained and Space Travel as well as a love of classic Horror.

My objectives 

In this website, I aim to showcase all of my interests and not just Doctor Who.  As you can see I have a wide range of things that interest me.  Mainly Unexplained phenomena which include runes, tarot cards, occult, science fiction, music, horror, and world events.

I love to explore new concepts and ideas and hope you will join me on this fantastic journey of discovery.

My view of the new Doctor Who

After watching with baited breath the grand unveiling of the Tardis Team I realized that the future of Doctor Who is in safe hands.


What I believe Chris is doing is giving a fresh spin on the whole concept of Doctor Who.  The Doctor has obviously had a nasty bump on the head and thus has forgotten all of her previous adventures.


In the Trailor, she asks her companions to be friends and to join her in her adventures.  She states that there will be new planets and new monsters to fight.  This suggests that the entire new series of Doctor Who will be a reboot from anything previously seen.


The Doctor is now a Woman and thus may be a bit more emotional and a bit more caring.


Chris has stated that there will be no old Monsters and he wants the show to be accessible to people who have never watched it before in their life.


Time Ladies can also change their faces without having to regenerate, as we have seen in Destiny Of The Daleks.


The means Jodie could well take a break whilst some other actress takes up the Doctor role and then return to continue where she left off.




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