What we already know?


The new series will comprise of 10 stand-alone episodes and will be designed so anybody from existing fans to brand new ones will be able to pick up the plot, without being bogged down by the history of the program or previous Doctors.


Chris Chibnall has said there will be no old monsters and everything will be brand new and exciting so everyone will start the same journey together.


For that reason, he has really come down hard on anyone leaking spoiler photographs and footage of the new series.  Considering the nature of the Internet he has done pretty well.




From what I have seen the new design will be very industrial and could be back to the grunge look up to Matt Smiths Era.  


As I have seen the inside it can be safely assumed that the new Tardis will have the same theme as the sonic screwdriver and be crystalline in structure.  I hate it as it looks smaller on the inside than it is on the outside and considering we now have 3 companions it is going to get cramped in the Tardis!  Foraget about the Cat as it won't even have a room for its litter tray.


Gone is any kind of central time rotor and in its place is a crystal-like structure, which most probably will glow as the Tardis is in flight.  Maybe this makes for cheaper toys when the merchandise finally roles out.  I don't like it and not a round object in sight.


The Tardis doors are the same as in previous versions of the new series, but we get a full 3d Police Box as we look out, so most probably we will not get the backdrop with a light behind it that we have been used to create the illusion of looking into the Tardis.




Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who Costume is pretty simple and the only variations we will get will be near the end of the season when she changes into green pants and a burgundy top.




The first one will be about the Doctor losing her memory and looking for The Doctor, and then finally realising she is The Doctor.  She uses all kinds of technology in order to make a sonic screwdriver.  


It looks as though her friends as they are now called are bumped into by her as she is investigated by the Police.  Ryan and Graham are both Police.  We knew this from the leaked footage as is Yasmin.  In the leaked footage the Police smash their way in and find the Doctor who does not even know at this stage she is female and then suddenly remembers.


In the second episode, we have an alien landscape and that is all I know about that one really.


Episode 3

An episode set during the 1955 Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott and the events with Rosa Parks which led up to it. This episode also features scenes filmed in South Africa, mostly in Cape Town. Note the Doctor's costume variation, a burgundy shirt instead of navy blue.





















Block 3, Episodes 4 and 6



This is the block which contained the much-covered filming in Gosport and Sheffield in February. Alan Cumming is playing Kings James the First in one of the episodes which features witches in the 17th Century. The other episode features at least one spider but it is unclear whether the episode is about spiders.

That is all the news I have about the series thus far.  Maybe the BBC has hired some Zygons to repair the Tardis or something.  It certainly appears to have an organic design.










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