The Tardis Consoles

I will start with the worst ones and then move to ones that I consider to be the first and only console for me.


Now for me, the reboot of Doctor Who was amazing and Eccelston did a fine job of portraying the Doctor to a whole new audience.


However the minute Rose walked into the Tardis I was not impressed with the grungy look of the entire set.  The console looked far too organic, almost as if it were put together by Zygons.  It also was full of stupid little accessories like a  bicycle pump.  At least it had a chair to sit down, not that there was much room and it almost was smaller on the inside than it looked like on the outside.


 When Tennant took over he made the best use of the set and in Journeys end they all had a go, but it simply didn't do it for me.




The first Matt Smith One

The Merits of this Console Room were obvious as it was so grand with differing roundals making a welcome return.  The console also looked like it was slowly going back to its hexagonal shape, which to me was a timely change.


However, the Console looked as though it had been thrown together from anything left around and most probably had been.  I hated the silly Typewriter and retro phone.  The only good thing about this console was that fans could make their own pretty easily as any old junk would have done.


I hate the new Time Rotor as well as it simply to me is not the Tardis without a rising and falling column and I blame the film for that, something that should have stayed where it was.


I also prefer the original Tardis doors that would open and close with a button or lever on the console and not with the click of the Doctors fingers, but that is just me.



The Film Console Room

This in scale was a massive set and you have got to admire it for the sheer size of the set.


I liked the fact that the Doctor could view everything through the roof at the push of a button so it gave this Tardis a brilliant space-age feel.


This was offset however by the rubbish console, made out of wood and again with bits and pieces simply picked up and stuck on.


We also got the first glimpse of the new style Time Rotor and I simply did not like it.  As I have said many times before the Time Rotor to me is as much a part of Doctor Who as the Police Box Exterior and should not have been changed!


The round shapes were available, but only in the supports and for me this simply made a mockery of the Tardis.


It as a shame as the 8th Doctors Tardis was one of the best I have seen externally and very ornate.

Tom Bakers frst console was a stripped down version of Pertwee's and I hated this as it looked so bland and had no character.  The familiar pink time rotor appeared though,  but apart from that it really had no character at all.

Jon Pertwees Tardis was known for the first modern look console room.  Jon wanted things to do so regularly bits and pieces were put on the console panels for him to fiddle with.


The viewing screen was a tv set, not unlike CCTV home systems now.


It still had proper Tardis doors in keeping with the tradition and once they had to be opened with a crank handle when they lost power in Death to The Daleks.


The worst version of the Pertwee Tardis appeared in The Time Monster and the roundals looked like stuck on plates lol.



The Victorian one was not too bad as a console room, but what destroyed the look and feel was a very basic console with only one working control panel.    It is a shame as it had so much potential as a Tardis interior, but I simply could not like the console as it just looked very basic and knocked up.

Nothing really beats the original as it was an amazing design and something that no other program previous to 1963 had ever thought of.


The original console had a different function on every panel and who could forget the fault locator?


The Timerotor also seemed far more alien and even turned around as well as went up and down.


With the massive array of switches and dials, you really believed it was alien technology that created it!


I can only think in envy about what it was like for the people who first glimpsed the Tardis.  Who never before had seen an episode of Doctor Who.  It must have been likening to all companions when they first set foot inside.


I loved this Console and had the privilege to touch it at the 20th Anniversary Celebrations in Long Leat.


The elements from Pertwee and Baker came tother.  The roundals were well lit and we had a viewing screen as well as a door not just to go outside, but to see other parts of the Tardis.


This allowed for a realistic feel that it was an alien time spacecraft and capable of many wonders.


There were many opportunities to blow up the console as well as show all the electrical workings, such as in TimeFlight and Arc of Infinity.

As I said it will always have a special place in my heart as I got to walk on the set just like Ian and Barbara did many moons ago in 63.


Calpaldis Tardis was really an extension of Matt Smiths last Tardis and is very grand in scale.  You get staircases going up to walkways with multicoloured roundalls and books.  It gives a feeling of depth to the Tardis.


Not only do you get the Console, but you are greated to other control panels to the side of it.


The top that turns when the Tardis is moving is not my favourite though and was even made fun of in the Fiveish Doctors.


There is certainly a lot of buttons and switches and the classic hexagonal shape that we all know and love is back.  Although we never actually see many of the rooms often they are constantly referenced.


Again there was a missed opportunity to have proper Tardis doors, one which was missed judjing by the leaked photographs of Jodie Whittakers Tardis.



Finally Number 1

Finally, we get to what for me is the best console of the lot.  The minute it was revealed in the 5 Doctors I was hooked.  It served Doctors 5-7 well, although towards the end of the classic series it was getting ropey.


Just like its predecessor, The console room was essentially the same, but the console really set it off and made it look so much grander.  When people really want a good console model they always try and copy this one as it is just so more ornate.  What with 3 working computers and an array of buttons to play with who could not love the amazing design.


For once the BBC actually spent a bit of money on the prop and did it justice.  It is no coincidence that it was that very prop that made a come back in Dimensions in Time for the Rani's Tardis.



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