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Scottish on-screen character and voice-over craftsman David Tennant is best known as the tenth on-screen character to assume the lead part in the enormously well known U.K. science fiction TV indicate Doctor Who. 




Conceived in the Bathgate area of West Lothian, Scotland, on April 18, 1971, David Tennant grasped acting at an extremely youthful age. Subsequent to acting in school plays and going to show, he went ahead to deal with the stage, and in film and TV. He was given a role as the tenth manifestation of the lead part of the Doctor, in Britain's crush sci-fi TV program Doctor Who. Tennant keeps on chipping away at the stage and screen and has done striking voice-over work. 


Early Life:


Conceived on April 18, 1971, in the Bathgate segment of West Lothian, Scotland, David John McDonald grew up cherishing TV with his more seasoned kin, sibling Blair and sister Karen. As a tyke, his most loved program was the British science fiction hit Doctor Who. He showed up in school plays and was seen by performing artist Edith MacArthur in his first part at age 11. At 16 the youthful performing artist tried out and was acknowledged, at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, one of the most youthful understudies to be conceded. 

There was at that point another David McDonald in the Actors' Equity Association, so he changed his last name to Tennant. The decision was propelled by the name of Neil Tennant, lead artist of Brit move pop act Pet Shop Boys after the performing artist read an issue of a British music magazine.

Tennant showed up in promotions as a youthful performing artist; his initial proficient work incorporated an organizing of The Resistible Ascent of Arturo Ui by the 7:84 Venue Organization, and a part as a hyper depressive in the Scottish television dramatization series Takin' Over the Asylum (1994). 

Acting Vocation 


Tennant increased wide recognition as a skilled traditional on-screen character, performing regularly with the Regal Shakespeare Organization; his first part for the RSC was Touchstone in a 1996 creation of As You Like It. Expanding parts on TV (on well known projects like Blackpool and Casanova) and in films (Stephen Fry's Bright Youthful Things and Mike Newell's Harry Potter and the Flagon of Flame) raised his prominence and level of acknowledgment, both in the Unified Kingdom and around the globe. 


Tennant also starred as Casanova which was adapted for TV by Russell T Davies.  I believe it was whilst RTD was producing the program that he saw potential in DT.


There are many similarities between his portrayal of the Doctor and his take on Casanova.  One of the amazing things DT could do was to hide his Scottish Accent and convince everyone he was truly English.  It is hard enough to spout all the Scientific Jargon in DW in your own voice, least one you made up!


A long-held dream worked out in 2005, when Tennant was given a role as the tenth manifestation of the lead character the Doctor in Doctor Who, his adored television program from adolescence. The BBC-delivered demonstrate likewise has an overall gathering of people and is recorded on the Guinness World Records site as the longest-running sci-fi TV program on the planet. As a bit of English popular culture iconography, the show established Tennant's prevalence. Notwithstanding assuming the lead part, the performing artist was given the chance to coordinate scenes.




One thing I did not like about his Doctor was his constant bullying of Micky Smith and flaunting the fact he could turn Roses head anytime and he could never compete.


In Micky Smiths first trip in the Tardis The Doctor and Rose talk blatantly infront of Micky saying how amazing their life had been.  Then the Doctor laughs as Micky didn't realise to release the button on the console.  I don't like bullies and this shows an arogant Timelord not dissimilar to Colin Bakers portrayal.


I cant imagine the 5th Doctor being so nasty and rubbing it in how he stole someones Girlfriend.


The Episode Guide to Tennants Era







167– "The Christmas Invasion"James HawesRussell T Davies25 December 20052X9.8484 

Rose and the recently recovered Tenth Doctor come back to Rose's level, where Rose, her mother Jackie and her previous boyfriend Mickey Smith carry him inside to rest. At the point when out shopping, Rose and Mickey are assaulted by Santa robots; the Doctor speculates that vitality from his recovery has tricked them here. Prime Minister Harriet Jones is debilitated by the pioneer of the Sycorax to give them half of the Earth's populace as slaves; Harriet attempts to arrange and is transmatted on their ship. Rose, Mickey, and Jackie drag the Doctor onto the TARDIS, yet the TARDIS is recognized by the Sycorax and they transport it to their ship, with Rose, Mickey, and the Doctor inside. After the Doctor has completely recuperated, he challenges the Sycorax pioneer to a sword battle for the fate of the Earth, which he in the long run wins. Be that as it may, the Sycorax send is devastated against the Doctor's desires by Harriet Jones, who had called Torchwood on the issue. 



168 "New Earth"James HawesRussell T Davies15 April 20062.18.6285 

The Doctor and Rose go to New Earth, the planet which mankind occupied after the Earth's demolition by the Sun. They go into a clinic in New York, where Rose meets the villain Cassandra again. Cassandra has Rose's body as she need one, however the Doctor is suspicious of "Rose's" activities. They find that the clinic holds several falsely developed people that have been tainted with infections so the Sisters of Plenitude can discover their fixes. "Rose" discharges a few of the people as a diversion, yet they discharge others and a zombie-like assault starts. The Doctor splashes the contaminated people with an intravenous arrangement utilizing a disinfectant shower, restoring them. The Doctor orders Cassandra out of Rose and she exchanges her cognizance to her servant Chip, yet his cloned body falls flat and Cassandra acknowledges her passing. 


169 "Tooth and Claw"Euros LynRussell T Davies22 April 20062.29.2483 

The Doctor and Rose wind up in Scotland in 1879, where Queen Victoria invites them to Torchwood Estate. Obscure to them, the bequest has been caught by a gathering of priests who have brought a werewolf in wants to taint Queen Victoria. The Doctor sees the trap and attempts to shield himself, Victoria, and Rose from the werewolf. He discovers that the bequest was planned as a trap for the werewolf as it contains a huge telescope which, with Victoria's Koh-I-Noor diamond and full evening glow, can drive the werewolf into a human shape. In spite of the fact that they spare her, Queen Victoria is horrified by the Doctor and Rose's cutting edge erraticisms and establishes Torchwood Institute to guard Britain from additionally outsider assaults. 


170"School Reunion"James HawesToby Whithouse29 April 20062.38.3185 

The Doctor works covert as an educator in a school which Mickey accepts is suspicious. Rose, filling in as a dinner woman, sees the cafeteria's chips have an antagonistic impact on different individuals from the kitchen staff, while the Doctor takes note of the chips appear to make the understudies more canny. The achievement of headmaster Mr Finch has excited media consideration; investigative writer and the Doctor's previous companion Sarah Jane Smith arrives at the school and finds the TARDIS. She and her automated dog K9 join up with the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey and they find that the instructors are actually Krillitanes and the chips are covered with Krillitane oil, planned to make the youngsters savvy enough so they can unravel the "Skasis Paradigm", a theory of everything, which will give the Krillitanes full control of time and space. The Doctor declines to join the Krillitanes and clears the kids, after which K9 explodes the holder of the chip oil which devastates the Krillitanes, the school, and K9. Sarah Jane decreases the Doctor's offer to movement with him and proposes that Mickey do as such rather, and the Doctor gives her a fresh out of the box new model of K9. 


171"The Girl in the Fireplace"Euros LynSteven Moffat6 May 20062.47.9084 

The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey touch base on a surrendered spaceship which contains a few "time windows" into the existence of Madame de Pompadour, known as "Reinette". The Doctor first enters her room through an eighteenth century chimney when she is seven years of age and spares her from a perfect timing man which has covered up under her bed. On the ship, the Doctor and his partners find additional time windows into Reinette's life and see that the perfect timing droids keep stalking her, yet don't think of her as "entire". The Doctor finds that the ship's human team have ceased to exist and the droids have reused a portion of their organs for use in the ship yet at the same time needs Reinette's cerebrum to be completely useful. The mind must be 37 years of age, the age of the ship; the ship is really named after Madame de Pompadour. The Doctor figures out how to touch base at her 37th birthday celebration outfit ball and spare her from the droids, who close down in light of the fact that they have no chance to get of coming back to their ship. 


172"Rise of the Cybermen"Graeme HarperTom MacRae13 May 20062.59.2286 


The first part of this episode has the Doctor making fun out of Micky and treating him like a spanner.  Not really realistic as if I were Micky I would have knocked him into every single one of his regenerations.


An issue causes the Doctor, Rose, and Mickey to reach a parallel universe, in which a large portion of the general population of London wear EarPods that feed data specifically into the wearer's cerebrum and Rose's father Pete is still alive. The EarPods are composed by John Lumic, who is attempting to give them an "update" which will at last turn the people into Cybermen. In spite of the fact that he has not gotten consent to do this, he has been kidnapping and changing over various vagrants. Mickey is mixed up for his parallel universe self Ricky and is taken by Jake Simmonds, an individual from a group called the "Ministers" who know about the risks of the EarPods. Cybermen start assaulting at the parallel universe Jackie's birthday party, at which the Doctor and Rose are acting like servers. They, alongside Pete, escape and keep running into Mickey and the Preachers, yet the Cybermen surround them. 


172b"The Age of Steel"Graeme HarperTom MacRae20 May 20062.67.6386 

Getting away from the Cybermen, the gathering go to Battersea Power Station, where Lumic utilizes a transmitter to control London's EarPod-wearing populace and send them to be changed over into Cybermen. In transit, Ricky is executed by the Cybermen. The gathering parts into three littler gatherings to stop the transformation. In the long run, Mrs Moore is slaughtered and the Doctor, Rose and Pete are caught by the Cybermen and taken to Lumic, who has turned into the Cyber Controller. Mickey and Jake handicap the transmitter on the zeppelin, liberating the people who had not been changed over. Mickey hacks Lumic's database to discover the code to drop each Cyberman's enthusiastic inhibitor and sends it to Rose's telephone; the Doctor connects the telephone to the PC frameworks which changes the flag and sends the Cybermen into lose hope. They get away from the detonating plant on the dirigible and Pete cuts the step Lumic is scaling, sending him to his passing. Mickey chooses to stay and help settle the parallel universe with Jake, as he comprehends Rose lean towards the Doctor. 


173"The Idiot's Lantern"Euros LynMark Gatiss27 May 20062.76.7684 

The Doctor and Rose land in Muswell Hill, London in 1953 on the day preceding Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. The Doctor becomes a close acquaintence with young person Tommy Connolly, whose grandma is concealed in light of the fact that she does not have any facial highlights and has no cerebrum movement, a wonder that is regular with the individuals who have acquired TVs sold shabby for the crowning liturgy from Magpie Electricals, claimed by Mr Magpie. Rose, researching the shop, finds that Mr Magpie is affected by a substance known as "the Wire", an exile who has changed over herself to an electrical frame and is utilizing the TVs and ideally the forthcoming crowning liturgy to devour enough personalities to remake its body; she takes Rose's face too. In revelation of this the Doctor is insulted and thwarts the Wire's arrangement with a gadget he makes, and those whose psyches and appearances were devoured are returned and London can securely watch the crowning ritual. 


174 "The Impossible Planet"James StrongMatt Jones3 June 20062.86.3285 

The Doctor and Rose land on a base on a planet which is incomprehensibly circling a black gap. The group of the construct, who are there in light of an undertaking to penetrate to the center of the planet, is driven by Captain Zachary Cross Flane. A race of outsiders known as the Ood serve them. A shake strikes the planet, causing a few segments of the base, including the one where the TARDIS was, to fall into the planet. As the bore nears the planet's middle, the Ood start prognosticating the enlivening of a "Mammoth", which has paleologist Toby Zed and later the Ood. The boring completions, and the Doctor offers to run with Ida Scott to the profundities of the planet, where they find a plate with garbled markings found on the base and the had Toby's face. The Doctor trusts the circle to be an entryway, and as it starts to open the had Toby discloses to Rose that the planet has started to fall into the dark gap and the voice of the Beast reports that he is free. 


174b"The Satan Pit"James StrongMatt Jones10 June 20062.96.0886 

Ida and the Doctor research the entryway and Rose and alternate individuals from the group witness a power leaving Toby's body and accept that he is never again had. The Doctor slips into the dull pit and the Beast addresses him, uncovering he is the embodiment of fiendishness of a few religions and has been fixed inside the planet, yet is trying to get away. The Doctor comes up short on rope and trusts he can survive the drop and falls, the news of which troubles Rose. A large portion of the team and Rose escape from the Ood and board and dispatch an escape rocket. The Doctor finds he has survived the crash and finds the physical type of the Beast. The Doctor understands his cognizance has figured out how to get away. Having confidence in Rose, the Doctor triggers the grouping for the Beast and the planet to fall into the dark gap, however as the Monster's awareness is inside Toby the rocket starts to pull toward the dark opening. Rose understands this and discharges Toby from the rocket, and Doctor Who finds the TARDIS in the pit and uses it to save Rose. 


175    "Love and Monsters"    Dan Zeff    Russell T Davies    17 June 2006    2.10    6.66    76 

Through his video journal, Elton Pope tells how he first observed the Doctor in his lounge room when he was a kid, and that he intends to discover the Doctor once more. Through Web seeks he discovers Ursula Blake, who has additionally had past encounters with DoctorWho. Elton, Ursula, and three different individuals who have had experiences with the Doctor, shape a gathering called LINDA to talk about these experiences, however their gatherings before long turn out to be more social. Multi day a man known as Victor Kennedy interferes with one of the gathering's gatherings and revives LINDA's motivation to find the Doctor. Afterward, two individuals from the gathering strangely disappear, and multi day Ursula and Elton come back to the gathering space to recover Ursula's telephone. There Kennedy uncovers himself to be an Abzorbaloff, who has consumed the other three LINDA individuals. Ursula gets a similar destiny and the Abzorbaloff corners Elton, however the TARDIS shows up and the Doctor finds the Abzorbaloff's stick is a field generator and Elton breaks it, pulverizing the animal. The Doctor figures out how to protect Ursula in a clearing piece, which Elton brings home. 


It was funny how the LINDA Group was brought up in Time Crash by the 5th Doctor.



176     "Fear Her"    Euros Lyn    Matthew Graham    24 June 2006    2.11    7.14    83 

DoctorWho and Rose touch base in a London neighborhood only preceding the beginning of the 2012 Olympic Recreations. Youngsters have been vanishing and the Doctor and Rose find the source is a 12-year-old young lady named Chloe Webber, who can make individuals vanish by drawing them. The Doctor finds that she is controlled by an Isolus, an outsider life frame that has slammed on Earth and can identify with Chloe's forlornness. For the Isolus to leave Chloe's body, they should discover the Isolus' unit and give it control; Rose discovers it under just-poured tar in the road and can control it by tossing it into the Olympic Light as it drops by the road, giving the case warm and enthusiastic quality. As the missing kids return, the devil like illustration of Chloe's rough and dead dad becomes animated, however Chloe's mom quiets Chloe's feelings of dread. The Isolus calmly leaves Chloe's body. 


177a       "Army of Ghosts"    Graeme Harper    Russell T Davies    1 July 2006    2.12    8.19    86 

The Doctor and Rose come back to London and visit Jackie and discover that for a couple of months the Earth has encountered outlines which show up at a specific time every day around the globe. The general population have acknowledged these as phantoms. In any case, DoctorWho supposes they are the impressions of something compelling its way into the universe and tracks the source to the home office of a mystery association known as Torchwood. Torchwood's executive Yvonne Hartman uncovers that the phantoms are a consequence of a break in the universe which a circular "void ship", kept at Torchwood, has arrived. Three representatives of Torchwood are controlled to open the rupture, which separates and makes a large number of the apparitions seem worldwide and move into their actual type of  the Cybermen from the parallel universe. In any case, the Cybermen only finished the void ship the break, and the ship is uncovered to contain four Daleks. 


177b      "Doomsday"    Graeme Harper    Russell T Davies    8 July 2006    2.13    8.22    89 

The four Daleks, later recognized as the Faction of Skaro, have brought a gadget known as the Beginning Ark through the rupture and announce war on the Cybermen and the two races start battling around the world. In the mean time, DoctorWho has found that Jake Simmonds, Pete Tyler, and Mickey – who took on the appearance of a Torchwood worker and is with Rose and the Daleks – have possessed the capacity to movement between the universes. The Clique of Skaro is keeping Rose and Mickey alive in light of the fact that they, being time travelers, would actuate the Beginning Ark, which the Daleks are unequipped for as it is stolen Time Ruler innovation. The Doctor intends to open the break, which will pull in any individual who has crossed the Void including the Daleks, Cybermen, and Rose's family, and after that nearby the rupture. Rose declines to dwell in the parallel universe and remains to encourage the Doctor, however she can't hang on and winds up marooned in the parallel universe. The Doctor  transmits his picture through one of the last ruptures, and the two offer a mournful farewell before a baffling lady in a wedding dress shows up in the TARDIS. 


Season 3:


178    –     "The Runaway Bride"    Euros Lyn    Russell T Davies    25 December 2006    3X    9.35    84 

The head of HR, Spear, gradually and covertly harms his life partner, the secretary Donna Nobel, with Huon particles through the span of months to utilize Donna's science as an impetus to stir the Racnoss' sleeping and omnivorous youngsters at the focal point of the Earth. The response of the particles makes Donna show up inside the TARDIS. The Tenth DoctorWho endeavors to return Donna to her wedding, yet they miss the service. The Sovereign uses the Huon particles inside Donna and Spear to wake her youngsters up, and nourishes Spear to her kids by dropping him down a profound shaft under the Stream Thames driving specifically to her kids. The Sovereign starts utilizing her Christmas star molded spaceship to "collect" mankind. The DoctorWho asks for he finds the Racnoss a different universe for them to gently coincide. The Sovereign decreases the demand, and the DoctorWho utilizes unstable knick-knacks to surge the pole with water from the Thames, suffocating the Racnoss youngsters. The English Armed force murder the Ruler with a tank after the entirety of her vitality is spent. Donna returns home. 



179      "Smith and Jones"    Charles Palmer    Russell T Davies    31 Walk 2007    3.1    8.71    88 

The DoctorWho goes covert at the Illustrious Expectation Healing facility in London, where he meets therapeutic understudy Martha Jones. The whole doctor's facility is transported to the Moon by the Judoon, a severe space police constrain for-enlist, who are hunting down the parasitic Florence Finnegan. Mrs Finnegan is a Plasmavore and has been acclimatizing the human blood of doctor's facility DoctorWhos to stay away from recognition. The DoctorWho, an outsider, enables her to drink his blood and she is identified as non-human, and executed. Martha restores the DoctorWho utilizing CPR. The DoctorWho stops Finnegan's endeavor to decimate her Judoon followers alongside half of Earth with an attractive heartbeat from a X-ray machine in the healing center when he close the machine down. The DoctorWho welcomes Martha to go along with him for a trek in the TARDIS as an end-result of sparing his life. 


180       "The Shakespeare Code"    Charles Palmer    Gareth Roberts    7 April 2007    3.2    7.23    87 

The DoctorWho and Martha arrive around Southwark in 1599, where they find that William Shakespeare is under the spell of witch-like outsiders known as Carrionites who are driving him to complete Love's Work's Won utilizing a poppet. The DoctorWho discovers that they are utilizing the great expressions of the play to bring back their detained species; the words talked by the on-screen characters are guidelines which open an entry. The DoctorWho attempts and neglects to inspire Shakespeare to stop the play's execution at the Globe Theater. At the point when the Carrionites begin getting through the entrance, the DoctorWho persuades Shakespeare to utilize his own particular intense endowment of words to close the entryway. The end of the entry brings the majority of the duplicates of Shakespeare's lost play with the Carrionites. 


181        "Gridlock"    Richard Clark    Russell T Davies    14 April 2007    3.3    8.41    85 

The DoctorWho takes Martha to the undercity of New York on the planet New Earth in the year 5,000,000,053. 24 years sooner, an infection transformed which executed almost everybody on the planet. The undercity was closed to spare it from the infection, its framework being kept up by the Substance of Boe and his medical attendant Fledgling Hame, however they didn't have enough capacity to revive it. Martha is grabbed by two drivers in flying autos to give them access to the fast track on the Motorway. The fast track is plagued by crab-like Macra, the previous leaders of a domain in this system who have since declined. Supported by the Substance of Boe, who utilizes the remainder of his life, the DoctorWho finds a method for reestablishing capacity to the framework which opens the top of the Motorway, at last liberating the occupants caught in the undercity's Motorway and sparing Martha and her hijackers from the Macra. Before passing on, the Substance of Boe tells the DoctorWho he isn't the only one. 


182a       "Daleks in Manhattan"    James Strong    Helen Raynor    21 April 2007    3.4    6.69    86 

The DoctorWho and Martha explore vanishings in a New York Hooverville in 1930. They consent to take a development work in the sewers when the DoctorWho hears that not every person who goes down the sewers returns. Martha is caught by a pig slave, ordered by the Daleks, to be utilized as a subject in the Daleks' last analysis in their research center. Dalek Sec of the Faction of Skaro combines his body with the businessperson Mr Diagoras, turning into a human-Dalek crossover. 


182b       "Evolution of the Daleks"    James Strong    Helen Raynor    28 April 2007    3.5    6.97    85 

The DoctorWho liberates a gathering of seized people including Martha from the Daleks' research facility. The Daleks plan to embed mind-wiped people with Dalek thoughts and Dalek DNA to make another phase of Dalek advancement, fueled by a strike of gamma radiation directed by the Realm State Building. Sec plans to offer feelings to this new race of Dalek people after feelings were initially expelled from the Daleks. Alternate Daleks sell out and kill Sec, as this activity would never again make Daleks "incomparable". The DoctorWho meddles with the gamma strike on the Domain Express Building's pole, adding Time Master DNA to the stirred Dalek human armed force controlled by Dalek Caan. The Dalek people sell out and murder two of the rest of the Daleks, and Caan decimates the armed force and escapes from the DoctorWho. 


183       "The Lazarus Experiment"    Richard Clark    Stephen Greenhorn    5 May 2007    3.6    7.19    86 

76-year-old Educator Richard Lazarus shows his investigation where he utilizes hypersonic sound waves to reestablish his childhood and cheat passing. The trial changes his DNA, opening lethargic qualities in his body and transforming him into a transformative return that channels life vitality from his casualties. The DoctorWho mirrors the vitality of Lazarus' sonic small scale field controller onto Lazarus, making him escape to Southwark Basilica. The DoctorWho utilizes the acoustics of the house of God to make sound waves from the congregation organ, which makes Lazarus tumble from the chime tower, at long last slaughtering him. The DoctorWho welcomes Martha to movement with him full-time as opposed to her simply being a traveler. 


184    "42"    Graeme Harper    Chris Chibnall    19 May 2007    3.7    7.41    85 

A large portion of a universe from Earth, the DoctorWho and Martha answer a misery call from the payload transport SS Pentallian, which will affect a star in 42 minutes. The ship scooped out piece of the star, which is alive, for shoddy fuel. The star utilizes group individuals Korwin and Ashton as host bodies, and starts accepting out everybody. Martha and team part Riley, while endeavoring to achieve the front of the ship, are casted off into space in an escape unit by Ashton. The DoctorWho remagnetises the case to bring Martha and Riley back. The DoctorWho starts being assumed control by the star, and advises Martha to vent the motors, disposing of the "sun particles" in the fuel. This makes the motors begin working once more, and liberates the ship from the star's draw. 


185a       "Human Nature"    Charles Palmer    Paul Cornell    26 May 2007    3.8    7.74    86 

The DoctorWho is sought after by the Group of Blood. He changes himself into a human and develops another personality called John Smith, who turns into a teacher in 1913 Britain who longs for his life as the DoctorWho and puts them down in a diary. The DoctorWho's actual self is covered up in a coxcomb watch, which when opened will transform Smith once more into the DoctorWho. Martha deals with Smith while she is covert as a house keeper. Following two months, the Family arrive and assume control over the assemblages of four people. At the point when the coxcomb watch disappears, Martha takes a stab at provoking Smith of his recollections, which uncovers his actual character to the Family. The Family hold Martha and Smith's date at the town move, Medical caretaker Joan Redfern. 


185b        "The Family of Blood"    Charles Palmer    Paul Cornell    2 June 2007    3.9    7.21    86 

Latimer, a clairvoyant understudy who can hear the voices in the coxcomb watch, occupies the Family by quickly opening the dandy watch, which he is keeping avoided the Family, permitting Smith, Martha and Redfern to get away from the move corridor. They escape to a relinquished house after the Family assault the school, and are taken after there by Latimer. The Family shell the town with their spaceship to draw the DoctorWho out. Smith opens the coxcomb watch, turning into the DoctorWho once more. The DoctorWho over-burdens the Family's spaceship while misleading them. He gives them the unceasing life they wished, while detaining the Dad in unbreakable chains, the Mother in the occasion skyline of a crumbling cosmic system, and the Girl in each mirror. He suspends the Child in time, and dresses him up as a scarecrow. Redfern turns down the DoctorWho's welcome to run going with him. 


186       "Blink"    Hettie MacDonald    Steven Moffat    9 June 2007    3.10    6.62    87 

The DoctorWho and Martha are sent back so as to 1969 by the Sobbing Blessed messengers. The DoctorWho records a message containing half of a discussion, and Billy Shipton, changing his profession to distributing, shrouds it in Easter eggs on DVDs. In 2007, Sally Sparrow finds the TARDIS key being held by a Heavenly attendant which is stopping. The Holy messengers take after Sally, who finds the TARDIS. The Holy messengers take the TARDIS to a relinquished house. Sally and Larry, her companion's sibling, have a discussion with the DoctorWho's message included on one of the DVDs. He lets them know not to enable the Heavenly attendants to get inside the TARDIS. The Heavenly attendants have bolted the passage to the house, and Sally and Larry escape to the basement, where the TARDIS is. Utilizing the way to get inside, Larry embeds the DVD, a control plate, in an opening on the support. The TARDIS comes back to the DoctorWho, however leaves Sally and Larry in 2007. The Heavenly attendants, all taking a gander at each other, are solidified in view of a safeguard framework that swings them to stone when watched. Multi year later, Sally gives a transcript of the message to the DoctorWho before the Holy messengers assault him. 


187a      "Utopia"    Graeme Harper    Russell T Davies    16 June 2007    3.11    7.84    87 

Professor Yana is endeavoring to spare humankind in the extremely far off future toward the finish of the universe, yet is he is what he appears? Including the arrival of Captain Jack Harkness.    


187b      "The Sound of Drums"    Colin Teague    Russell T Davies    23 June 2007    3.12    7.51    87 

The Doctor, Martha, and Jack come back to the 21st Century, only four days after the occasions portrayed in the primary scene. They touch base to find that they've missed the decision, and the new British Prime Minister, Harold Saxon, is really the Master, the Doctor's old adversary, who apparently regenerated in the past scene. 


187c     "Last of the Time Lords"    Colin Teague    Russell T Davies    30 June 2007    3.13    8.61    88 

It's been multi year since the Master released the secretive Toclafane onto Earth. With mankind and the Doctor subjugated under the Master's control, Martha Jones subtly comes back to England. The Toclafane are building an armada of rockets they will use to assault different universes, and the Master enjoys extraordinary embarrassing the Doctor and has Martha's family doing humble tasks. In any case, Martha turns the Master's mind-control satellite innovation against him; having ventured to the far corners of the planet to accumulate bolster for the caught Doctor, she has trained them to think about the Doctor similarly as the Master means to dispatch his armada, with the goal that their joined musings, going through the system, can give him gigantic forces. The occasions of the Master's rule are fixed with the goal that nobody who was not specifically included will recollect, and Lucy Saxon, the Master's significant other, shoots and murders him.




An animated serialThe Infinite Quest, was also produced alongside the series and was broadcast as part of the CBBC programme Totally Doctor Who.


Children In Need Amazing Special with Peter Davison called Time Crash.


188    –     "Voyage of the Damned"    James Strong    Russell T Davies    25 December 2007    4X    13.31    86 

The Doctor discovers his TARDIS slamming into an interstellar copy of the Titanic circling present-day Earth, amid a Christmas party. With the assistance of a server named Astrid (Kylie Minogue) and a few travelers, the Doctor must interpretation of a foe called the Heavenly Host, to stop them murdering everybody on board and slamming the space liner into the Earth. 



189       "Partners in Crime"    James Strong    Russell T Davies    5 April 2008    4.1    9.14    88 

With another weight reduction pill tried in London by Adipose Industries, the Doctor goes to examine the vile truth behind the item, just to discover that his previous sidekick Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) is exploring also. Together, they endeavor to stop specialist Miss Foster (Sarah Lancashire) from slaughtering a great many individuals in London amid the introduction of the Adipose, short white outsiders produced using muscle to fat ratio. 


190        "The Fires of Pompeii"    Colin Teague    James Moran    12 April 2008    4.3    9.04    87 

The Doctor and Donna arrive in Pompeii amid the 79AD emission of Mount Vesuvius. The Doctor's exercises in Pompeii are hindered by the stone like Pyrovile and their partners, the Sybilline Sisterhood, who are utilizing the fountain of liquid magma to change over the people to Pyroviles. The Doctor is looked with an ethical issue: regardless of whether to safeguard himself and all of Pompeii from the circumstance and leave the Pyroviles to have their route, or to influence Vesuvius to eject, slaughtering the Pyroviles and the number of inhabitants in Pompeii-himself and Donna included. 


191      "Planet of the Ood"    Graeme Harper    Keith Temple    19 April 2008    4.2    7.50    87 

The Doctor and Donna touch base on the Ood-Sphere in the year 4126. They touch base at a manufacturing plant where the Ood are set available to be purchased to anybody willing to pay the cost. When they discover a gathering of natural Ood, they end up stunned at the changes performed and set out to free the Ood. 


192a      "The Sontaran Stratagem"    Douglas Mackinnon    Helen Raynor    26 April 2008    4.4    7.06    87 

The Doctor gets a call from past voyaging partner, now medicinal officer at UNIT, Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) with a demand that he come back to Earth quickly. She asks for the Doctor's assistance in examining ATMOS (Atmospheric Omission System) and why 52 individuals around the globe all passed on at the same time. The Doctor discovers that the Sontarans are intending to assume control over the Earth. They take Martha prisoner and she is cloned. Donna in the mean time misses her family and chooses to visit them. 


192b      "The Poison Sky"    Douglas Mackinnon    Helen Raynor    3 May 2008    4.5    6.53    88 

Proceeding from the finish of "The Sontaran Stratagem", the Sontarans dispatch the assault with their toxin gas gradually encompassing the Earth. The Doctor—hindered by a Sontaran-controlled clone of Martha—helps UNIT in repulsing the Sontarans in the ATMOS production line while Donna invades the Sontarans' warship. He chooses to attempt to consume the toxin gas that presently circles the Earth. Toward the finish, all things considered, both Martha and Donna need to choose on the off chance that they need to remain with the Doctor. 


193       "The Doctor's Daughter"    Alice Troughton    Stephen Greenhorn    10 May 2008    4.6    7.33    88 


The TARDIS, as observed previously, appears show its very own brain and whisks the Doctor, Donna, and the Time Lord's previous partner Martha Jones to the planet Messaline, amidst a savage war amongst people and the fish-like Hath. Martha is kidnapped by the Hath not long after the time travelers arrive. Safeguarding Martha turns into the Doctor and Donna's principle need, and in addition endeavoring to put a stop to the terrible war that has devoured the planet. In the mean time, the people utilize the Doctor's DNA to make a warrior clone, Jenny (Georgia Moffett). 


194       "The Unicorn and the Wasp"    Graeme Harper    Gareth Roberts    17 May 2008    4.7    8.41    86 

The Doctor and Donna travel to December 1926 and meet murder secret essayist Agatha Christie (Fenella Woolgar), who is going to a gathering at Lady Eddison's (Felicity Kendal) nation estate. They explore a gem burglary executed by the "Unicorn" (Robina Redmond, depicted by Felicity Jones) and a binge of homicides submitted by an extraterrestrial wasp (Reverend Golightly, depicted by Tom Goodman-Hill). 


195a      "Silence in the Library"    Euros Lyn    Steven Moffat    31 May 2008    4.9    6.27    89 

The Doctor and Donna arrive in the 51st century to visit the best library in the universe, including a whole planet, yet are confused when they think that its abandoned. A group of archeologists driven by River Song (Alex Kingston) arrives, and together they find that the Vashta Nerada, meat eating animals living in the shadows, are mindful. 


195b       "Forest of the Dead"    Euros Lyn    Steven Moffat    7 June 2008    4.10    7.84    89 

Proceeding from the finish of "Quiet in the Library", the Doctor and the group of archeologists escape the Vashta Nerada, while Donna ends up caught in a substitute reality, under the watchful eye of Doctor Moon (Colin Salmon). As the Doctor advances nearer to the library's war room, he finds that the substitute reality—and the missing individuals—are maintained by CAL (Eve Newton), and reestablishes them to the real world. 


196       "Midnight"    Alice Troughton    Russell T Davies    14 June 2008    4.8    8.05    86 

The Doctor and Donna are taking a break from their enterprises and investing energy in the planet Midnight. The Doctor leaves Donna at a spa while he takes a four-hour outing to the lovely Sapphire Waterfalls. At the point when the vehicle stops for no evident reason, the travelers hear a clamor originating from outside the vehicle and start to freeze. At the point when an obscure lifeform fit for taking voices takes control of Sky Silvestry (Lesley Sharp), the travelers' suspicion and dread know no limits, and the focal point of their answer is to dispense with the Doctor. 


197        "Turn Left"    Graeme Harper    Russell T Davies    21 June 2008    4.11    8.09    88 

On a visit to the Chino-planet Shan-Shen, Donna consents to have her fortune perused by a seer (Chipo Chung). She mysteriously ends up in an other course of events, where she never meets the Doctor or spares his life. Subsequently, various outsider intrusions and different fiascos happen on the grounds that the Doctor was not around to stop them. The Doctor's past friend Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), who has figured out how to movement from her parallel universe, works with Donna to reestablish existing conditions and caution the Doctor of looming fate. 


198a        "The Stolen Earth"    Graeme Harper    Russell T Davies    28 June 2008    4.12    8.78    91 

The universe is starting to disintegrate and the Earth is stolen, alongside twenty-six different planets, by Davros (Julian Bleach), maker and authority of the Daleks. As the Doctor and Donna attempt to discover Earth, the Doctor's past colleagues and what comes to be known as the Doctor's private armed force – Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), and Rose Tyler – gathers to contact the Doctor and mount a resistance against the Daleks. Be that as it may, the injured Doctor is compelled to recover. 


198b     "Journey's End"    Graeme Harper    Russell T Davies    5 July 2008    4.13    10.57    91 

Toward the start of the scene the Doctor prematurely ends a recovery part of the way through to recuperate himself from a Dalek assault. The Doctor and his friends plan to do fight with Davros and the Daleks, who are out to crush everything and everybody in the universe other than themselves. All appears to be lost when the Daleks obviously obliterate the TARDIS, yet an engaged Donna and a half-human Doctor who framed from the Doctor's recovery take control and face the Dalek danger head on. The two Doctors, Donna, Jack, Rose, Martha, and Sarah Jane, alongside Rose's ex Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke) and mother Jackie Tyler (Camille Coduri), endeavor to thwart Davros' intends to annihilate reality itself. Be that as it may, Donna has her mind wiped of every one of her undertakings with the Doctor in light of the fact that generally the Time Lord learning will overpower and kill her.


The Specials:


199    1    "The Next Doctor"    Andy Goddard    Russell T Davies    25 December 2008    4.14    13.10    86 

This extraordinary sees the arrival of the Cybermen (of the outline of the parallel universe's Cybus Industries Cybermen), following their past appearance in the two-section finale of arrangement two out of 2006, "Armed force of Ghosts"/"Doomsday". Having fallen back so as to Victorian London, the Cybermen make a colossal "Digital King" with tyke work and the assistance of Miss Hartigan (Dervla Kirwan). In the interim Jackson Lake (David Morrissey) has incidentally consumed the Doctor's recollections and thinks himself to be the Doctor. 

200    2    "Planet of the Dead"    James Strong    Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts    11 April 2009    4.15    9.75    88 

While exploring a wormhole in London, the Doctor meets Lady Christina de Souza (Michelle Ryan) and they are both inadvertently transported in a red London transport alongside alternate travelers to a desert planet which was decimated by metallic stingray-like outsiders that movement between planets through wormholes. They fix the transport to go back to London while UNIT attempts to close the wormhole to keep Earth's demolition. 

201    3    "The Waters of Mars"    Graeme Harper    Russell T Davies and Phil Ford    15 November 2009    4.16    10.32    88 

The Doctor visits Bowie Base One, Earth's first province on Mars, driven by Captain Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan). A waterborne infection from the icy mass utilized for the water supply starts to have the group and Brooke intends to demolish the base keeping in mind the end goal to keep the infection spreading to earth through an escape rocket. The Doctor spares the rest of the team, incorporating Brooke in the TARDIS, yet Brooke executes herself on Earth to guarantee that the history is unaltered. 

202    4 

5    The End of Time    Euros Lyn    Russell T Davies    25 December 2009 

1 January 2010    4.17 

4.18    12.04 

12.27    87 


The Doctor gains from the Ood that the Master (John Simm) will return soon. A faction of the Master has revived him utilizing the ring dropped toward the finish of "Last of the Time Lords", yet Lucy Saxon undermines the procedure, making the Master encounter extraordinary yearning and vitality consumption, which likewise gives him controls past those of other Time Lords. In his examinations, the Doctor gets together with Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins) and they both travel to the Naismith Institute where they have enrolled to repair an outsider "Eternality Gate". In any case, the Master utilizes the entryway to re-compose the DNA of all people without anyone else, making a planet of Masters. Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and Wilf are protected from this. Far over the universe, Rassilon (Timothy Dalton) proclaims the arrival of Gallifrey and the finish of time itself. 

The Doctor and Wilf are safeguarded by two outsider Vinvocci who were working covert at the Institute to recover the "Eternality Gate" and take shelter in their spaceship above Earth. It is then uncovered that Rassilon had set the sound of drums in the Master's head as a flag that he could use to haul Gallifrey out of Time-Lock by means of a white-point star. Gallifrey emerges above Earth, with the various revulsions of the Time War prone to take after. Outfitted with Wilf's weapon, the Doctor remains off against Rassilon to break the connection amongst Gallifrey and Earth. To do this, he should either shoot the Master or Rassilon, however rather he shoots the white-point star, which makes Rassilon and Gallifrey retreat again into Time-Lock. Rassilon endeavors to murder the Doctor, yet the Master penances himself to spare him. In the mean time, Wilf has caught himself in the Gate's segregation chamber, which is going to surge with fatal radiation. The Doctor enacts the chamber's other compartment, sparing Wilf however illuminating himself. He holds off recovery while he goes on a "goodbye visit", going to the majority of his associates. Alone in the TARDIS, the Doctor recovers, radiating such savage vitality that the support room is set on fire. The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) reviews his new body as the stricken TARDIS falls earthward.



















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